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AUD/USD Chart Online

The Australian dollar was first released to float freely in 1967, at that time the pound was much reduced, and the AUD remains unchanged at about 1.12 to the US dollar. Next Aussie only strengthened, and in 1973 its cost was 1.4885 per US dollar. However, to a full floating exchange rate of the Australian came only in December 1983, it is the time of the Australian dollar’s value was determined by demand and supply. Then chart the Australian dollar AUD/USD moved within the values from 0.88 to 0.47 per US dollar.

To date, the value of Australian serious falls, but can still be found the views of forex analysts, allegedly not far off the pair AUD/USD due to the growth rate of the Reserve Bank of Australia. Chart Australian dollar (AUD/USD) online is also quite a popular tool for the analysis and forex trading.

It is believed that with the participation of AUD happen about 5% of all transactions in the foreign exchange market. Moreover, according to experts, the Australian dollar is the sixth most traded currency in the forex. Australia’s economy shows good growth rates before the financial crisis, and there were long periods of growth rate of the economy. The country is rich in coal, copper ore, gold and other mineral resources.

Chart Australian dollar AUD/USD Online

Thus, the Australian dollar today is of interest on the part of traders and investors in the market, the very same chart Australian dollar (AUD/USD) online can also be called very technical and easy to analyze. All graphics are high quality forex figures are fulfilled, we offer forex trader forecast AUD/USD daily publication mode.