Online trading tools — Forex Economic Calendar

Here we publish the most important news for the current week. We plan to actively develop our section on fundamental analysis is also an important economic news in the forex. We are already preparing a unique material of our trading tools for news and prepare a new version of section forex economic calendar. Where every trader will be able to identify for themselves the important news for a few days.

Interest rates of the central bank

Useful section for each trader, here published information on the current interest rates in different countries. Here you can always see what the current interest rate of the Central Bank of each country. As well as to see when it was last modified, and when the next meeting is planned, which will change the rate.

Tools for trading — Forex charts

It is an important and necessary part of any trader on the FOREX, here you can see forex charts from any computer or device, and simply analyze the current charts on the market. Below each graph, we added a detailed description of the trading instrument. If you would be interested to know the history and the basic tendencies, then be sure to check the description under the graph.

FX trading tools — Forex Video Forecast

As long as we only make high-quality recording of any one of our market analysts. But as soon as we are ready to present to you its own work and their own video forex market forecasts for each day. We are already working closely on our own developments for this unique and interesting topic.

Tools for tradesFOREX Market Analytics

Here we publish the daily quality market forecasts. We are growing with each passing day, and the level of our expectations and analysts constantly moving upwards. The uniqueness of our site in the fact that we  are trading in their analytics and forecasts.

Online trading tools

You can see open positions at the price charts. Of course, it is not necessary to trade every day and do not always have the opportunity to see the good points to enter. But we make forecasts every day, it tempers us and we strive to seek a way out of any situation in the world financial markets.