In this section we offer traders a Euro Dollar EUR USD online where anyone can see how trading the euro against the US dollar, as well as desired to make technical analysis of this graph.

EUR/USD Chart online

Currency, the euro dollar – one of the most popular pairs in the forex market. The euro is the second largest after the US dollar in terms of transactions in the Forex – approximately 39% of all transactions. Currency appeared January 1, 1999, in cash circulation from 1 January 2002 year. Adjustable euro European Central Bank reduced the ECB wrote.

Due to the schedule section Euro Dollar (EUR/USD), you can see not only the current quotation EUR USD Forex, but also a detailed history of this pair since the introduction of the currency.

Euro Dollar Chart (EUR/USD) Online

In addition to the time schedule euros available, and other time intervals, such as minute and daily charts. Moreover, we offer high-quality Forex forecasts EUR/USD for today and tomorrow.