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In the mass media, and more often on the Internet, articles appear periodically that almost identify trading in the forex market with a game in ordinary roulette. In this case, the authors themselves position themselves as experts in any field of knowledge, and use arguments based on various theories, in particular – on the theory of probability. In this case, even a brief introduction to this article is enough to understand that the author is completely incompetent in this field. This article will provide simple mathematical examples and facts that dispel myths about the kinship of trading in the forex market in a casino.

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The game of Live Roulette appeared in the 19th century and immediately gained immense popularity among players in Europe and the United States. The popularity of the game is partly due to its simple rules and the apparent ease of winning. However, this impression is more than deceptive: the principles of winning and losing Live casino are determined by mathematical laws, which for almost two hundred years now bring huge profits to gambling houses, and destroy millions of players who have decided to try their luck in this “simple” game. On simple examples, we’ll figure out why the roulette game will never bring a steady income, and the player involved in the game casino is doomed to ruin.

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With regard to margin trading, there are completely different patterns in the forex market. Despite the fact that in trading we are dealing with the probability of certain events (raising or lowering the quotation of a specific currency pair), the distribution of the probabilities is uneven. There are no mathematical formulas with which you can calculate the probability of winning or losing. The use of such tools for forecasting the price level as a technical and fundamental analysis allows us to predict the probabilities of an increase or decrease in quotations with considerable accuracy.

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Even at the first glance at the dynamics of price changes, it becomes clear that price movements in the forex market are subject to certain patterns. The analysis of the forex market allows you to detect and use these patterns for profit. On the description of types and possibilities of the analysis of the forex market, we will stop in the corresponding section of the site. At the moment you need to clearly understand that, unlike the roulette wheel, where the loss of certain numbers is determined by the will of the case, the prices in the forex market are created by people (active and passive market participants).

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The reasons why people start buying a certain currency are often quite obvious, and the consequences of such sentiments are clearly predictable – the exchange rate is rising. The most important quality of the speculator is not the ability to produce complex mathematical calculations (for this purpose there are computers) in mind, but the ability to determine the mood of market participants and to move on to the side of the majority in time. This is what allows forex traders to receive a stable profit in any circumstances.