Forex Economic Calendar

Important information on major events in the financial market, which is not just a list of news and publication time, all of this is presented in a visual form to the trader, and most importantly, there is the predicted values published indices and forex economic calendar looks.

Economic Calendar Forex

The biggest market reaction occurs only on those events where the actual value is very different from the predicted values of fundamentals. Today the market aggressively just reacts to the Fed meeting, where decisions on interest rates. Participants are expected from the US central bank rate hike, so any hint of it Forex traders perceive positively and buy the dollar.

Best Forex Economic Calendar

We spent a lot of time searching for high-quality calendar for a trader. Therefore, the current calendar is the best forex economic calendar due to the fact that it is fully translated into Russian, as there is a detailed description of each economic indicator and past values presented in the form of a graph. In order to open the detailed description of the figure you should click on your desired display.

Economic Calendar Forex Online

All published news updated in real time. Moreover, the published values are displayed immediately in the economic calendar forex online through the rapid provision of economic data. This list of important economic indicators can be considered online, since you do not need to update the calendar page, and you just see the changes at the time of the news publication.

Schedule forex news release

Detailed forex news release schedule is presented in the form of the table above. Here is the exact time of the publication of news, as well as the expectations of the market forecast and the past value of this indicator. To have on hand graph forex news release, save the page to your bookmarks to quickly open it and become familiar with the events of today.

Economic Calendar Forex Events

The data in this table are not only economic reasons, such as nonfarm peyrozl figure, it also displays all the important events, such as meetings of central banks, as well as the speeches of the heads of the central banks, so the list can be safely called economic calendar daily event.

Schedule forex news

As a rule, important news, such as gross domestic product and unemployment are published strictly on certain days of the month or once a quarter, but any indicator has strict publication time, due to the schedule of the forex news you will always be up to date and you do not the need to keep in mind schedule forex news every day.