GOLD chart

Here is a chart of gold online, through which you can track the price of gold today. Using quotes and charts in real time, you can find out the price of gold in dollars not only now, but also to analyze the schedule for the last few years and, thereby identifying trends in the market of non-ferrous metals and investor sentiment.

Chart Gold online

Gold is one of the most important components of the global financial system. This precious metal has a large number of applications, and is not subject to corrosion than cheaper counterparts.

The price of gold online

In many ways, gold is quite interesting in terms of savings, because even only accumulates in time of serious disasters. Updating the graphics Gold (XAU / USD) Online takes place in real time, and to know what is the price of Gold online simply save the page to your favorites and if necessary you will always know the current prices XAU/USD.

Quotes Gold Today

Recently, we can see a major drop in prices for gold, but you cannot talk about the continuation of the current trend and is likely in the near future we will see the rising cost of gold. Moreover in times of serious financial crisis gold can greatly increase in price. To find out quotes of Gold today is enough to see the graph shown above, if you see the price in 1150, which means that for one troy ounce give $ 1,150 to the world markets.

The price of gold on the stock exchange today

To date, the price of gold on the stock exchange reached the level of 2009, but at that time the cost xau usd is in serious upward trend at the time of the 2008 financial crisis. It is possible that such a gold price on the stock exchange will not last long today and there will be a new round GOLD growth in the near future.

Gold Price Chart

Above is a chart GOLD line, which includes the value of xau usd, expressed in US dollars at this point in time the global financial markets in London and New York. The graph is updated automatically, so you just need to look at the current market price to see GOLD chart online.

Gold Course in Dollar

Historically, that the dollar was pegged to gold, and world currencies against the dollar. However, such a system could not survive for long, and countries have moved to a floating exchange rate, and the United States, in turn, refused to peg gold to the dollar, which led to a serious increase in the price of the precious metal GOLD in the next few years. To date, the price on the world markets for gold is expressed in dollars per ounce on the submitted chart Chart of Gold (XAU/USD) you can online in real-time to track the course of Gold against the dollar today.

The price of gold per ounce today

Troy ounce is a unit of measurement of weight, it is equal to 31.1034768 grams, so when the chart of Gold (XAU/USD), we see online quotation 1200, this means that for 31.1034768 grams GOLD give 1200 dollars. The value of gold in 19.3 dollars per 1 ounce was established back in 1792 in the United States. In the days of the gold standard, the price was already at $ 35 per ounce. At the time of the collapse of the Bretton Woods system the cost of gold began to grow, and has already cost about $ 200 by 1978.

How much is the gold market

XAU/USD the price is constantly changing, so we cannot say how much gold on the market, in order to see the current prices for the precious metal, use the above charts. On which you can find out how much gold on the market now or how much cost yesterday.