USD/JPY chart online allows you to track the dynamics of the exchange rate of the Japanese yen against the US dollar and to conduct the most complete technical analysis of this graph.

USD/JPY Chart online

Currency pair USD/JPY is also quite interesting for a couple of forex trading. Of course, the Japanese yen than the US dollar and the euro on the volume of trade on the currency market, but firmly took one of the major currencies. JPY currency was introduced in 1871.

At the moment, the Japanese yen exchange rate is regulated by the Bank of Japan, translated from the English Bank of Japan, abbreviated written as BOJ. For the Japanese bank is characteristic of various types of interventions, which provoke a strong fall in the value of the yen in the market, but after these interventions graph Dollar Yen (USD JPY) is returned to the initial values. Another important feature is that the March 31 fiscal year end in Japan and the yen, as a rule, increases in this interval.

Chart of Dollar Yen (USD/JPY) online

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