Canada’s economy also looks very stable, but at the chart Dollar Canadian Dollar USD/CAD online greatly affect the price of oil and how we see the fall of oil provokes a serious drop in the Canadian dollar against the US.

Chart USD CAD Online

The floating of the Canadian dollar was introduced in 1950, till this time the course has been fixed at 1.1 Canadian dollars equal 1 US dollar and 10 cents. Already in 1962, the course had to re-record at 1 to 1.925, ie, one Canadian was given nearly two American dollars. The final version of the Canadian floating rate was established only 70 years, when all the countries have gradually come to this. Up until the mid-80 schedule Dollar Canadian Dollar (USD/CAD) has successfully strengthened its position against other currencies in the forex market, the maximum values reached 0.65 to the American.

A serious drop in quotations CAD was only 90 years at the time of a technological breakthrough in the US. The special features include the Bank of Canada and the fact that the bank never carries out foreign exchange intervention, unlike the Bank of Japan and the Swiss National Bank. The only intervention took place only in 1988 and it was the last attempt at a serious impact on the Canadian dollar by the Bank of Canada.

Chart Dollar Canadian Dollar USD/CAD online

Thus, the Canadian dollar today is a popular currency to trade forex, you can talk about the fact that the pair USD/CAD – one of the most traded and very technical in terms of analysis. We also offer traders the daily forex forecast USD/CAD.