Adjustable franc Swiss National Bank, abbreviated written as SNB. Here is a graph of the Swiss Franc USD/CHF chart online.

USD CHF chart online

More recently, the currency of the Swiss franc is a safe haven currency in times of various disasters. There were legends that even the Germans during the Second World War to keep their savings is in Swiss banks. However, at the moment this relationship unobtrusive.

The regulator decided to lower the rate of the franc to the euro above the level of 1.20. As a result of such a decision carried out currency intervention and Schedule Swiss Franc (USD/CHF) showed an increase of more than 1,000 points in a day. Even after surgery to reduce the CHF exchange rate in the media articles appeared that the wife of the chairman of Swiss National Bank has earned this fall decent money.

Then, of course, the chairman resigned from his post. In the media slipped the sum of 60,000 francs, but if you know that the graph of the Swiss Franc online will increase by a thousand points without pullbacks and corrections, then we will talk not about how to make money in the forex 60 thousand and several million, if not billions US dollars.

Chart Swiss Franc USD/CHF online

Thus, Chart Swiss Franc (USD/CHF) line will always show you what is now the Swiss franc against the US dollar, and if there was any intervention in the currency market. Also do not forget to visit our section forex forecast USD/CHF.