Forex charts online – fully reflect changes in the value of currencies of different countries together. Value of one currency expressed in terms of the value of the other is called the quotation; it quotes graphics currencies we offer on this page. Moreover, analysis of the schedule – is the main weapon of the trader. On the charts the analyst can add different forex indicators that allow you to quickly and accurately analyze the price chart.


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An important component of the graphs serves change intervals. For example, we can look to the behavior of the euro the dollar on the hourly chart, or switch it minute or, on the contrary, on a monthly chart to estimate how much one euro cost in 2005 against the US dollar or the Japanese yen.

Free forex charts

Selecting the time period for carrying out a technical analysis chart problem is quite complicated at first glance, but if we plan to monitor and trade within the day, we need minute quotes, if we plan to conduct a positional trade, there is suitable weekly chart.

Online forex charts with indicators

Due to technical analysis of these graphs we do our forex analyst. The choice of indicators and other tools is completely dependent on the individual trader and the fact that he is psychologically closer. In addition to simply determining the direction of the market, a trader can find a quality point of entry and exit using a simple forex strategy.

Forex charts online

Forex charts online – show the changes in the value of currency pairs, the price of the base currency is deposited vertically, and horizontals see time. For example, if the EUR/USD chart is the top, then the euro against the dollar is growing, the base currency is the Euro, and quoted – US Dollar.