Open Forex Positions

Indicator open forex positions allows us to estimate that the majority of traders are doing at the moment on the FOREX, buying or selling a particular currency. It considered if more than 70% of traders selling EUR/USD, it is likely the euro the dollar will not fall.

Indicator Open Forex Positions

It allows you to evaluate the current market sentiment due to the number of open positions. And indeed most of a strong movement going on in the smaller side of the skew. After all, the primary market is a myth that most never earned. Therefore, in the opening of transactions, you can view an indicator of open positions of traders and if you see a strong bias to one side, it is better to become skewed against it.

Indicator of market sentiment

Some experienced traders call open interest indicator of market sentiment indicator, due to the fact that they understand where is the majority of traders in the market. If the values reach a critical volume, for example, 75% sell EUR, if a high probability that the couple is ready for a reversal. However, it is important to understand that these critical levels for each pair can be quite different, one pair is set near 70%, the other pair could easily test 85%, and only then go into a turn. Market sentiment indicator can be combined with your own analysis in order to achieve better results.

Indicator number of open positions

Open positions are all positions of clients of a broker. You can use this information as a kind of indicator of the market. Due to the light amount of open positions you will always understand, who dominates the market, the bulls or the bears. Moreover, in the near future we will publish the indicator for download, and then in his trading terminal, you can set the indicator number of open positions.

Open positions on-line trader

All information is published in real time, so you just refresh the page to obtain new data on the number of open positions of traders in the forex.

Indicator open FOREX positions

But do not forget that this information comes from only one broker, and the overall mood of the market theory does not guarantee 100% success in the market. All trading decisions are made under the strict observance of the risks.