Chart Pound Dollar GBP/USD Online help assess the current situation on the pound dollar pair, and at various time intervals, and can produce a full technical analysis chart GBP USD thanks to the tools that are available in our section.

Chart Pound Dollar GBP USD online

The currency pair Pound Dollar (GBP/USD) probably takes about second place in popularity after the euro dollar. Operations involving the British pound in the order of 12% of absolutely all trading in the forex market.

An important feature is the GBP and the fact that the pound was the reserve currency before the Second World War, and the Bank of England is considered the oldest bank, it is called the Old Lady, «Old Lady.” It is on the GBP / USD pair billionaire George Soros made his first billion dollars.

Initially exhibited an hourly chart for the analysis of quotations pound dollar pair.

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Quotation British Pound Forex traders called cable, with English CABLE. The name pound received in honor of the cable, which was continued on the bottom of the sea in order to transmit prices.

Chart Pound Dollar GBP/USD Online

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