Forex broker is a company that provides the trader via the trading terminal access to trading a variety of tools, as a rule, currency pairs, or metals, but can be and CFD contracts for difference on indices or shares of large companies. You can, of course, to say that all brokers are the same and there is no difference where a trader will open your trading account. However, if we dig deeper, here we encounter different trading conditions, if the broker is relatively young, it will be an interesting proposal for a deposit bonus when recharging, and not every company offers us to trade EUR/USD or oil BRENT brand. Therefore, the broker selection process is quite important; we noted that a trader choosing a forex broker can stay with him to trade for a long time provided that it suits all.

Choosing Forex Broker

In general, you can choose a company for trade, to explore all the sites of brokers, read the terms of trade, to assess the level of spreads and quality execution of orders, input and output means. It may take a long time, which can be spent on the very same trade or to study the basics of trading. On their website, we were rating the forex brokers, which resulted in the basic conditions, are worth paying attention to. Therefore there is no need to search for the terms of trade for each broker, or, for example, the amount of leverage, these data were located conveniently in our table. Moreover, to make the choice of forex broker more enjoyable, we have placed links to trading conditions and bonuses from brokers, so the more pressing by the spread will take you to the section with the trading conditions of the company that interests you.

Top FOREX Brokers

If you are just starting to trade on the market, it is highly recommended to open a cent account is that you used to open and close the deal. It may seem easy at first glance, but close loss-making position cannot every newcomer. In most cases, the trader is watching the growing disadvantage is not work-out stop. We made a special section for beginners, which are a list of brokers with cent accounts, here we encourage you to discover about the account, that there was a floating spread, it will be much lower than fixed. So if you are just starting their familiarity with the market, and a demo account on forex have you tired, we strongly recommend that you go to the section cent forex brokers and start your trade is on micro-credit.

How to choose a reliable forex broker

Traders with an experience remember a few sad stories and private forex brokers. It is very important to look carefully at the age of broker companies, if you decide to invest in trading a large sum of money, then you need a quality company. In order to properly choose a reliable broker, we have made a special section of the best forex brokers. This is a list of companies that are time-tested and replenishment of the trading account in the company, followed by trade will not cause doubts in the company of honesty and here you always pay funds. All submitted forex brokers in the market for a long time, there are no beginners who may at any time withdraw from the market, so if you still think, how to choose a reliable broker, be sure to visit our section and proceed to the opening of the trading account.

Forex broker reviews

Unfortunately, now on the market, many companies write your own reviews for themselves in various forums and websites. You can certainly try to read forex broker reviews, but do not take our word for reviews about brokers without a specific description of the situation, they say, I trade all super, great bonuses and withdrawals. Usually, if a person is faced with a serious problem on the part of the broker, it can be solved through technical support. On our site also provides several forex brokers reviews, but for now they are not too much to make concrete conclusions. In the future we will try to increase the volume of comments to make your choice easier and faster company.

Forex broker does not pay

Many traders are amenable to large bonuses and incredibly attractive trading conditions that create more and more brokerage firms. It is important to understand that no one the means to distribute will be and when the trader is faced with the situation that the forex broker does not pay not only profit, but also own a trader means there had to be initially approached correctly to forex choosing a broker and pay attention even to the age of the company On the market. If the company appeared yesterday, and two weeks later offers a guaranteed income on the PAMM is reason to think, believe, not in forex freebies industry is hard work, no one can guarantee that you’ll make, so choose only proven companies, go the rating of forex brokers and appreciate companies that are represented here.

Forex broker comparison

It can be argued that this company is the most reliable forex broker and part of it is true. Broker since 1998 on the market, everything is running smoothly and efficiently, fairly, and many traders use the PAMM-account from the company. There are many trading tools, however, are completely absent bonus offers on funding your account, and not a lot of trading tools. Therefore, once again we draw your attention to our top Forex brokers in Russia, where you will be able to quickly navigate and choose the right company, as we see, not only has more than 15 years on the market.

How to choose the best forex broker

So we come to the most important question, how to choose the best forex broker, and we cannot give a definite answer to this question. Apparently, every trader will have your best broker, this site design and trading tools, because if I want to sell a couple of euro/ruble, even Alpari me this does not help, and if the Dollar Index, then there will have to find and select broker for trading. Therefore, we have prepared several sections for you to quickly navigate to the trading conditions, bonuses and not much grasp in forex brokers reviews, so you can choose the best forex broker.