If you come to this section, therefore, really want to start making money on forex, but do not quite understand where to start learning forex scratch how to do this or have already tried, but nothing happens. We have tried to collect the maximum information that we know about the forex market and want to show the methods and models that can work with the help of which you can make money on Forex.

Forex trading for beginners

This previous section called “newcomers” if you do not know when there was forex, what the most traded currency pairs are, who enters into transactions in the forex what forex pip and what is different from the stock market. In this case, we strongly recommend that, slowly, to study “Beginners” section – this is the most important information needed for a novice trader.

Forex Technical Analysis

Section entirely devoted to one of the forex market analysis varieties, here you will learn what the trend line, how to look at the chart reversal patterns and continuation of trend models how to trade these patterns. We can say that it is a graphical analysis of pushed us to a new level of trade.

Harmonic trading

Harmonious Trading assumes that all patterns are repeated throughout the existence of the market. Fibonacci Tools in conjunction with the graphic patterns can qualitatively change the approach to trading and help a trader to identify important levels to open positions and points out of the market, where the model will no longer be practiced.

Technical indicators

The most popular indicators that can be found in the trading platform Meta Trader 4, the basics of working with them, setting rules and use cases, of course, with the intricacies of trade in relation to the forex market from the expert’s portal FOREX24.PRO

Trading FOREX strategies

Here we have tried to collect qualitative and at the same time simple trading techniques, or they are also called the system, with the help of technical indicators, the combination of which are capable of creating a trader signals the opening and closing positions.

Fundamental Forex Analysis

This kind of analysis is an analysis of a sample of news and economic calendar, or banal pending orders for a few minutes before the important news. In this section, we describe in detail, what you should pay attention at such analysis form.

Money Management

Important notes on money management and risk in margin trading. This article is required reading for beginners, but very experienced traders will find in it material for reflection, which may eventually lead to a significant increase in trade performance.

Trader Mistakes

This section presents the main mistakes encountered by both novice traders in the forex market and more experienced. This absence of a trading system, and not understanding when any type of analysis, it is better to use and at what time interval to trade.

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