Monthly Forex Forecast

Forex Forecasts for the month

This section of the site provides detailed forecasts for the Forex month by analyzing weekly and monthly charts of currency pairs, as well as oil and gold. Of course, trading on the monthly charts can not every trader, but here it is important to see the direction of the trend on larger time intervals and certainly not to be missed is a graphical model of such period.

Forecast rates for a month

Our experts will offer in addition to reviews of the forecast rates for the month as a qualitative analysis of long-term oil prices and stock market indices. Usually Forex Forecasts (FOREX) a month by the audience at the end of this month to evaluate the closure near the important levels, experienced traders know that it was the last trading day together can correct the serious situation in the market.

Long-term exchange rate forecasts

Analytics using monthly charts are called long-term forecast of the exchange rate, because changes on these charts do not take place in an hour, and even more so in a single trading day. Long-term forecasts of exchange rates rather are informative in nature, due to large movements of every trader will go to the high risks and will wait for the desired profit several months of trading.