Oil WTI Forecast on October 12, 2016

Quotes of WTI oil were able to update the local maximum region, however, and there is potential for a fall in the beginning of the cancers of the descending pattern Wolfe waves order to develop such a model, the area below the level of $ 41 per barrel.

Oil WTI Forecast on October 12, 2016

Oil WTIForecast on October 12, 2016

An additional signal in favor of the fall is the formation of reversal pattern failure swing an indicator of relative strength, the cancellation option will strong growth and the breakdown region 53 closing prices.

Oil WTI Forecast on October 12, 2016 suggests an attempt to fall within the beginning of working out a bearish Wolfe wave model with a potential target of the lower level of 41 dollars per barrel.

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